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United States,IN
"The best software ever!!!"
 12 March 2018
  SpeedyPC Pro
Then one day after 3 consecutive years using it, I got a message that Speedy PC_PRO wouldn't be maintained anymore and my program was trading by Digital Care!!!
Since then with support help, I could go back to my old version but after using it
3 or 4 times it opens a drop box where the only option is "update" and the PC freezes! So today I decide to try Digital Care and it sucks! My computer is running 30% slower, due to the firewall, start-up pgms and other stuff that wasn't necessary to make speedy great...I'm OUT!
(Anonymous user)
 19 March 2016
  RegCure Pro
I had a problem with them at first, then they e-mailed me. Now works great!!!
Disappointed horrible product
(Anonymous user)
"A joke of a product"
 09 April 2015
bought the product. After installing it many problems started. Biggest one: as soon as I looked at a product I wanted to buy, ads of many similar started to fill my screen. My computer slowed down to less than 50% of prior speed. After removing this software my computer is running great. No more unwanted adds, speed back to normal. When calling co for help got somebody I believe in Philippines reading for a screen and not knowing what it was all about.
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