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Complete Buyers Guide for Anti Sypware/Virus

One of the most common occurrences on computers these days that can cause all sorts of problems is a virus and/or spyware infection. Just as with a normal virus that a human can contract, a virus for your computer will make it run at less than optimal levels. Worst of all, a virus or spyware that goes unchecked can permanently disable your computer or even be used to steal private information from you.

So, it stands to reason that you would want to get rid of any viruses and/or spyware as soon as possible. The easiest way to do this is with anti-virus/spyware software. However, all anti-virus softwares are not the same and in order to be sure you get a program that will work, you should know a few things first.


The first thing to find out when shopping for an anti-virus/spyware software program is if it is compatible with your computer. Not only should you be certain that the anti-virus/spyware software is compatible with your operating system, like Windows 7, but also with your operating system’s version. So, you need to know for sure what your version is, which will be either 32-bit or 64-bit, and then see if the anti-virus/spyware software you are looking at is going to work.

Never assume that a particular anti-virus/spyware software program will work for your PC. If you can’t tell for certain by looking at the website of the anti-virus/spyware software you are considering then keep looking. There are many quality anti-virus/spyware software programs that will cover any kind of Windows Operating System under the sun so taking a risk is not necessary.

Covers Both

Some software programs will only scan your computer for viruses and some will only scan your computer for spyware. However, to get the most for your money and to ensure you are fully protected, you should look for one that will scan for both.

You could always buy one of each, but the price will be far higher than if you buy an all-in-one program. It should be noted that some software programs will do even more than just scan your computer for viruses and spyware, but you may not need a program that covers that much.

Easy to Use

Another key factor to consider when looking to buy an anti-virus/spyware software program is how easy it is to use. Most quality anti-virus/spyware software programs are just as easy to use as they are to install on your computer. Depending on how you buy your anti-virus/spyware software you may need to install a disc or just execute a download online.

Additionally, the anti-virus/spyware software program you buy should allow you to schedule scans on at least a weekly basis. This will let you to go about your business without having to worry about remembering to scan your computer for viruses and spyware every so often.

Another nice feature to have with any anti-virus/spyware software program is the ability to get free updates as often as they come about. Usually, you will be buying an anti-virus/spyware software program and will be licensed to use the product for one year. However, during that one year, there is a lot that can be updated and you will want to be sure that your anti-virus/spyware software is always up to date so your computer is always as well protected as possible.


The anti-virus/spyware software program you are looking at should come with a money back guarantee of some sort. Of course, if you do in fact choose a quality program you will never have to use the money back guarantee, but it is nice to know one exists.

Price and Length of Use

The price of the anti-virus/spyware software program you are looking at should certainly be taken into consideration, but it should not be the decisive factor as to which program you buy. Some anti-virus/spyware software will be very affordable and some will be very expensive. Some will even be free. However, price is irrelevant when you are talking about the security of your computer and all the personal information it contains. So, while you don’t have to buy the most expansive anti-virus/spyware software program available, you should probably not choose the freebies either.

Another factor is the length of time that you get to use the program for. Most anti-virus/spyware software programs will require you to repurchase a user license every 12 months. However, there are some that require this in a shorter amount of time. To be sure you are getting the best bang for your buck, always look to see how long the user license is good for.

Customer Service

Something that is often overlooked with anti-virus/spyware software is the level of customer service. While most will offer at least e-mail support, waiting even a couple of days for an answer can sometimes be too long. Therefore, you should try to find an anti-virus/spyware software program that comes with customer support in the form of an 800 number or live chat at that very least. This way your problems can be addressed quickly allowing you to get back to work on your computer.

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