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Complete Buyer’s Guide to Driver Tools

In computer terms, a driver is something that allows your computer to communicate with a specific piece of hardware or another type of program. Many devices that your computer communicates with on a daily basis will contain drivers, such as your printer, scanner, sound card, and the like. When these drivers become outdated or even corrupt the end result is usually a pop up style error message and a computer that is unable to communicate with certain devices, rendering it ineffective.

Luckily there are driver tools that can be used in order to keep all your computer’s device drivers up to speed. These driver tools are nothing more than programs that are run on your computer and identify which devices are in need of a driver upgrade. Once that is determined, the program then finds and installs the proper driver for the device with the end result being a well running machine. However, there are many driver tools that are now available and before you buy the first one you see, you should cover your bases just a bit.


Any quality driver tool will be able to work with virtually any Windows Operating System you may have. However, there are some driver tools that are not all they are cracked up to be so before you buy you should ensure compatibility with your computer’s operating system. This is especially important if your computer is running a newer version of Windows like Windows 7.

Additionally, you will want to find a driver tool that can work with multiple computer and device brands. For example, if you have a Compaq computer but your printer is an HP you want to be sure that the driver tool you use can handle both.

Ease of Use

A driver tool is only good to you if it is easy to use. While you can go online and attempt to get the needed drivers you need for yourself, this requires knowing first which drivers on which devices are bad and then knowing which online resources you can trust. This is the main reason people prefer to use driver tools. However, using a driver tool that is not easy to use can be just as frustrating.

So, you want to find a driver tool that will automatically do the work for you. This means finding one that will not only scan your computer and all your devices for drivers in need of updating or fixing, but also going with one that will do the driver updating and/or fixing for you.

This is as easy as looking for a driver tool that features a one-click interface. This means that for every step that is needed in the driver updating/fixing process there will only be one mouse click that is required of you.


Some driver tools will come with a guarantee and some will not. Does this mean that the ones without a guarantee won’t work? Not at all, but isn’t it better having peace of mind knowing that the driver tool you are buying comes with a guarantee?

What Others Say

When it comes to driver tools you should heavily weigh your opinion on the word of others. This means taking to the internet and finding reviews on specific driver tools that are independent and unbiased, not just looking at some testimonials that are on a driver tool’s website. When it comes to reviews, the more you can find on a particular driver tool, the better. That is of course if the majority of them are positive.

Number of Drivers in Database

There are literally millions of drivers that exist today. Therefore you want be sure that the driver tool you use is one that has a vast database of drivers available. The more drivers in a driver tool database, the better the chance is that your computer will be fully covered regardless of the devices that are hooked up to it.

Customer Support

Sometimes a quality driver tool is only as good as its customer support. This means finding a driver tool that comes with more than just e-mail support. After all, when you want answers you want them right away. This is hard to do if you are waiting days on end for an e-mail from a customer support representative.

At the very least you should find a driver tool that has a live chat feature on their website so you can speak with a customer support representative right way should you need to. Of course the best type of support is an 800 number that you can call, but unfortunately not all driver tools have this option.


Driver tools are not usually that expensive, but some are pricier than others. While price should be looked at, it shouldn’t be the first thing you look at. First be sure you have all your other concerns met and if you do then go ahead and try to save yourself some money. However, saving money by buying an inferior driver tool will do you little good and will likely not fix your driver problems which will only add to your frustration.

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