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Complete Buyers Guide for Registry Cleaners

Just as with anything else these days in the world of technology, registry cleaners are more than abundant. However, that doesnt mean that they are all one in the same and in order to be certain you are getting the best registry cleaner for your money, you will want to be sure you cover all the points that follow.


Of course the first factor to consider when looking for a registry cleaner is its compatibility with your computer. In other words, will it work for your PC? While most registry cleaners out on the market today will cover you if your operating system is an older one like Windows NT, you may not be covered if you use a newer operating system such as Windows Vista or Windows 7.
Any quality registry cleaner will clearly list which operating systems it can adequately support. If you cant easily find this information then keep looking elsewhere as buying a registry cleaning tool that wont work for your particular operating system is simply a waste of your time and money.
It should be noted that even if a registry cleaner says it supports Windows Vista and Windows 7, you still might not be covered. To know for sure you have to first establish if your operating system is the 64-bit version or the 128-bit version. Once you know that, be sure the registry cleaner you are considering will have you covered. It is of course best to simply find a registry cleaner that supports both version and in this way you can be certain that it will work for your computer.

Free Scan

The first step in using any registry cleaner will be a complete scan of your computers registry. This scan should be yours free of charge. If you find a registry cleaner that charges for the initial scan walk away as there are many quality registry cleaners that will allow you to conduct this scan for free with no strings attached.

Error Report

With each scan an error report should be generated. This report will alert you to the problems that your computers registry may be experiencing so you can then decide on a course of action. Before you commit to buying any registry cleaner, be sure first that you fully understand what you are looking at. Error reports will vary from registry cleaner to registry cleaner, but you ultimately want to go with a registry cleaner that spells out everything for you in simple language that anyone, regardless of computer skill, can understand.

Ease of Use

Another big factor to take into consideration before buying a registry cleaner is how easy it is going to be to use. While they are all designed to effectively do the same thing, they are not all designed to be easy to use.
An easy rule of thumb when looking at the various registry cleaners that are available is to narrow down your options to ones that have a one-click interface. This means that you will only have to click your mouse button one time for each step of the process. So, one click will scan your computers registry and another click will send the tool into cleaning mode and so on.

Money Back Guarantee

Because there are so many registry cleaners that are now available, it stands to reason that some of them will work perfectly and some could be complete scams. Therefore, it is certainly in your best interest to only consider registry cleaners that offer you a complete money back guarantee. This way, if the results are not what you expected or simply not to your liking, you can get your money refunded to you. While you may not need to use the offer, it should be a comforting feeling knowing you have it. Besides, only registry cleaners that are confident in their results will offer a guarantee while the ones that know they dont work will likely not offer anything.


Price is mentioned last by design. It is far better to pay a few more dollars to ensure you are getting a registry cleaner that will actually work for you than it is to save a couple of bucks on a registry cleaner that either wont work or could even make matters worse for your computer.
However, if all things are equal with a few different registry cleaners that you are looking at you might want to go with the one that will save you some money. No matter what, you will have to spend money to obtain a quality registry cleaner, but the cost will be far less than if you had to buy a new computer. But, that doesnt mean you have to get the most expensive registry cleaner out there, you just have to be sure you are going to get one that will work for your computer.

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