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Using PC Performance Tools to Improve Overall Performance

Not so long ago if you wanted to enhance your PC’s performance you had to use a multitude of tools in order to do so. This might mean spending a day or so conducting all kinds of manual applications which … Continue reading

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How Registry Works on Your PC

If you run any version of Windows on your PC that is later than Windows 3.1 then you PC has a registry. The registry on your PC is responsible for just about everything your PC does and this includes accessing … Continue reading

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Quickly and Automatically Fix Windows Registry Problems

Not all that long ago, in order to have your Windows registry fixed it required a lot of technical knowledge or a professional. Now it is possible to quickly and automatically fix Windows registry problems thanks to a host of … Continue reading

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What Makes Your Computer Slow

Is your computer slow these days? If so, you are likely wondering what the cause is and what can be done about it. Your slow computer can in fact be caused by a virus or other form of malware, however, … Continue reading

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Addressing a Cluttered Registry

If you own a PC that runs a Windows Operating System then you have a PC that has a registry. The registry on your PC is kind of like a filing cabinet at your office. It contains all the files … Continue reading

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A Clean Registry is Vital to Your PC’s Speed and Performance

If you want to ensure your computer runs full speed all the time then a clean registry is a must. Your PC’s registry is what it uses to facilitate and organize nearly all the files and programs that your PC … Continue reading

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Dealing with the Blue Screen of Death

No matter what type of operating system your PC boasts, there may be no escaping the dreaded Blue Screen of Death. If this occurs your PC is on its last leg, but there is something you can do if you … Continue reading

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