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Dealing With Slow Startup on Your PC

One of the telltale sings that something is wrong with your PC is a slow startup. In fact, many experts agree that any Windows Operating System run PC should startup in around 30 seconds when all is well. If your PC is taking considerably longer than that then something is likely amiss.

The Cause of Slow Startup

While there are always wildcard factors that can contribute to a slow startup on your PC, for the most part it is two main factors. The first is an overabundance of your system’s configuration and the other is a malware infection on your PC. In fact, it might very well be a combination of both.

Your PC’s Registry and Slow Startup

A very common cause of a slow startup for any PC is the PC’s registry being too cluttered or containing files that are corrupt. No matter what the cause, the result is the same. The PC will not be able to access the needed information in a timely manner and a slow startup will follow.

It’s like if you were searching a stuffed filing cabinet for a file. If there are tons of files, it is going to take you some time to find what you are after. This is the same thing your PC is experiencing with a cluttered registry and this is why your PC’s registry should always be maintained.

Attacking Slow Startup Issues

A PC that begins to experience slow startup should be taken seriously. If not, other problems will persist and the inevitable crashing of the system will almost certainly follow.

The first plan of attack with a PC that is experiencing slow startup is to run a malware scan. Of course you should remove anything that is found. You should additionally address your PC’s possible registry issues. You can do this either manually or with a tool that automates the process. As expected, the automated process is the easiest and safest way to tackle the registry of your PC.

When everything is done the PC should startup within the 30 second window. This will typically only happen though if all the necessary steps are taken and nothing is left to chance.

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