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Dealing with the Blue Screen of Death

No matter what type of operating system your PC boasts, there may be no escaping the dreaded Blue Screen of Death. If this occurs your PC is on its last leg, but there is something you can do if you do it early enough.

What is Blue Screen?

Blue Screen, which also goes by the terrible sounding nicknames of Blue Screen of Death and the Stop Error, is the last thing that any PC user wants to encounter. This error will cause a sudden shutdown of your PC followed by a blue screen with an error message that reads, “Windows has been shut down to prevent damage to your computer.”

While this is an annoyance for sure, if left alone it will only get worse. First the Blue Screen attacks will likely increase in frequency and eventually your PC will probably not even start back up at all rendering it useless. This is why it is important to address the major error after the first time you see it.

What Causes the Blue Screen Error?

Blue Screen is a hard error to pinpoint in regards to a cause. There can be many factors that cause it to happen including software problems, adware problems, or even registry problems.

Blue Screen Fixes

A Blue Screen error is a serious warning from your PC. Therefore, fixing the error as soon as it pops up is vital to the life of your PC.

To start with you can scan your computer for adware that might be causing the problem. Anything you find you will want to permanently delete. This however, is just one step that should be taken.

Additionally, you should give some attention to your PC’s registry. To do this you can either go into your PC’s registry in a manual fashion or you can use an automated tool. Using an automated tool is not only easier, it is safer as well. Your PC contains many files that are needed to function properly and if you accidently mess one of those files up while trying to manually fix registry problems the end result could be a PC that is no good.

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