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How Registry Works on Your PC

If you run any version of Windows on your PC that is later than Windows 3.1 then you PC has a registry. The registry on your PC is responsible for just about everything your PC does and this includes accessing various files and programs.

How Registry Works Like a Filing Cabinet

The registry on your PC is a lot like a filing cabinet you might have at your workplace. With a filing cabinet, whenever you have paper documents that you create and want to save for later access they get filed in the appropriate space. This is exactly what your PC’s registry does, only it does it on a much larger scale. In essence, your PC’s registry helps to keep your PC organized.

How Registry Works Better When Clean

Your PC’s registry will work better when it is clean and clutter free. This is how it comes when it is new and therefore it will function at its best when kept in order.

However, there are many factors which can lead to your PC’s registry to become cluttered and corrupt. Once this happens there will be a huge slowdown in your PC’s overall speed as well as some other errors that can occur.

Think again about the filing cabinet. If your filing cabinet at work is packed full of documents and there are papers in the wrong places and even some falling out all over the place, how easy will it be for you to find a specific document? Not very easy and while you may find it eventually, it will be at a much slower pace. This is exactly what your registry will go through when it is cluttered up and corrupted.

How Registry Works – Keeping it Clean

Knowing your registry will work better when it is clean, it only makes sense to maintain it. This can be done by manually accessing the registry on your PC or you can do it automatically with a registry cleaning tool. While the automated way is certainly going to be easier, it is also safer as there is no guesswork involved. As long as you maintain your PC’s registry it should continue to work the way it should leaving you with a fast and smooth running PC

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