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The Importance of a PC’s Windows Registry

The Windows Registry can be found on virtually all PCs these days. This is especially true for PCs that run the latest version of Microsoft’ Windows Operating Systems. It is important to keep your PCs registry up to date and ensure it runs as smooth as possible as it is what your PC turns to in order to configure and establish all settings.

The Evolution of Windows Registry

Ever since Microsoft released their Windows 3.1 version many years ago, the Windows Registry has been a key component.  What started out as something that was primarily used for storage, the Windows Registry quickly became much more. Later Windows Operating Systems, like Windows 95 and Windows NT, saw the Windows Registry also work to clean up all pre-program files. The INI files were files that were a surplus and were not ones that needed to stick around as problems occurred when they did. Windows Registry helped solve this problem.

Why Windows Registry Needs to Be Organized

One of the main problems that come with an unorganized Windows Registry is a slow moving PC that can be riddled with errors. When your registry is unorganized it is essentially corrupt. This can be caused by a number of factors that include incorrect installation or un-installation or even the acquisition of corrupt files along the way.

In a way, your PC’s registry is like its filing cabinet. So, just like a regular filing cabinet, if it is messy and unorganized, files will be harder to locate. This delay will lead to added time, or a slow down, and in the case of your PC, could add error messages to pop up as well.

A Clean Windows Registry Means Fast PC

Again, using the analogy of the filing cabinet, if your PC’s registry is clean and organized the result will be more speed. Just like with an organized filing cabinet, everything will be easy to locate.

When your PC is new there is no corruption or clutter to slow up your PC, but normal use will see both undesirable things happen with regards to your registry. Therefore, if you plan on keeping your PC running as fast as the day you first plugged it in, you have to maintain the registry and keep disorganization at bay.

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