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Using Windows Restore to Your PC’s Advantage

If your PC is experiencing all sorts of problems that it wasn’t just days ago, then you might be able to use Windows Restore to your PC’s advantage. Using Windows Restore actually allows you to “turn back time” on your PC to a point where the errors simply didn’t exist. This function is available on all Windows Operating Systems and will function without having the user lose any vital information such as e-mails, documents, photos, and the like.

When You Should Use Windows Restore

Big errors can be the result of small actions when it comes to your PC. You might simply install a program incorrectly and that may be the root of some of your PC problems. If a quick uninstall/reinstall doesn’t do the trick and fix the problems, the next best thing to do is a Window Restore.

Windows Restore and What it Does

Your PC uses a feature called System Protection which allows it to create points in time as normal use occurs. These points are what your Windows Restore will bring your PC back to when used. The idea being that your PC goes back to a point in time where there were no problems.

Windows Restore Can’t Do it All

While Windows Restore is a versatile function, it can’t do everything. For example, if you accidentally and permanently delete a file it is gone forever. You can restore your PC back to the furthest point possible and it still won’t bring the file back.

Accessing and Using Windows Restore

The process used to access the Windows Restore function will vary slightly from operating system to operating system. However, for the most part it is very cut and dry as far as how difficult it is to access.

Basically, to access the function, you simply have to go to your desktop and click on the Start button. Then you click on the All Programs button, click the Accessories button, and finally click on the System Restore option. Once selected you might have to provide a password and then simply decide which access point you want to take your PC back to.

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