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What Makes Your Computer Slow

Is your computer slow these days? If so, you are likely wondering what the cause is and what can be done about it. Your slow computer can in fact be caused by a virus or other form of malware, however, what you might not realize is that it might also be your computer’s registry that is having issues and taking it out on the overall speed of your computer.

A Corrupt Registry Can Make a Computer Slow

Think of your computer’s registry as its filing cabinet. In other words, everything that your computer needs to access it will access it from the registry. With a filing cabinet that is unorganized and cluttered, it is hard to find what you are looking for. The same will hold true for your computer and the end result is an overall slowdown in your computer’s speed.

However, if your computer’s registry, or filing cabinet, is clean and organized it is no trouble for the computer to find what it is after. So, the computer will respond smoothly and with a lot of speed.

A Computer Slow to React is Your Warning Sign

When your computer is beginning to slow it is not just because it is getting older. This popular thought leads many to ignore the warning sign that a slow computer is providing. If left alone for too long your slow computer will turn into a computer that will crash and may never start again.

Addressing a Computer Slow to React

To address the things that are making your computer slow, several actions should be taken. To start, you should be sure that your computer’s important programs are all updated at regular intervals. You should also be sure to scan your computer at least every few days to ensure it is free of viruses, malware, and even adware. Additionally, you have to address any potential issues with your computer’s registry.

While you can simply do one or two of the mentioned actions, skipping total maintenance on your computer will only lead to further slowdowns. Remember, a computer that is slow to react is your warning sign. Should you choose to ignore it in part or in whole, the consequences can end up being dire.

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