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Max Uninstaller

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Max Uninstaller is a file utilities program that can easily uninstall any program that you canít. This can happen quite frequently and when left alone this problem of half uninstalled programs can cause your computer to slow down drastically and can even corrupt your computerís registry.

Overall Rating

Max Uninstaller is a product that does what it claims, but still has some frustrations that come with it. Overall we rate this product a 3 out of 5.

Ease of Use

Max Uninstaller is made super simple to use. In fact, anyone, regardless of computer skill can easily use this program.


Max Uninstaller features a one-click interface. That means that the functionality is a breeze as the user only has to click the mouse button one time for each step that is executed along the way.


In a frustrating way, the price for Max Uninstaller is all but hidden. In fact, before you can obtain the price of $29.95 for one year or $39.95 for a lifetime license, you first have to fill out a form and give some personal information including your name and e-mail address.

Supported Operating Systems

Max Uninstaller is designed for the newer Windows operating systems, including Windows Vista and Windows 7 for both 32-bit and 64-bit versions.

Online Feedback

There are plenty of online reviews given by non-biased individuals for Max Uninstaller. However, for all the good ones that are out there an almost equal amount of bad reviews exists too. But, most of the negative reviews say things like the program didnít improve anything.

Security Check Status

While Max Uninstaller is far from perfect, it was proven safe to use. During our testing of the product it did pass our security check status.

Money Back Guarantee

There is a 100% satisfaction guarantee mentioned, however there is no mention of how easy that guarantee is to implement if you so desire. There is also no mention if the guarantee is for money back or for something else.

Customer/Technical Support

There is customer support, but only via e-mail. While this is not so desirable, all requests are supposedly answered within 24-hours of receipt.


In conclusion, Max Uninstaller is a good solid product, but one that is not perfect. While there is lots of good that goes with this easy to use product there is a little bad as well, but overall it is well rounded.

Does it Really Work?

In the total of 0 user votes,0  user(s) recommanded Max Uninstaller and 0 user(s) did not prefer Max Uninstaller.


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