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Put out by parent company Uniblue, Registry Booster is a product that is meant to address a cluttered and corrupted registry. Registry Booster is unlike many other registry cleaners in that it continues to check for problems after each startup even after the first application is completed.

Overall Rating

Overall we rate this product a 3 out of 5. Registry Booster is a decent product a good price, but confusion helped it obtain a lower score.

Ease of Use

Registry Booster is fairly easy to use. However, once the free scan is completed you then have to choose to delete 15 mistakes or pay for the full version and delete more. This can lead to a bit of confusion.


The functionality of Registry Booster is very good. It is meant for a novice to be able to use and for the most part it does function as advertised.


While Registry Booster is not the best registry cleaner available, it is one of the cheapest. At $29.95, Registry Booster comes in at the bottom of almost all registry cleaners available today.

Supported Operating Systems

Registry Booster is designed for a wide variety of Windows based operating systems. Include on their list is Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7. However, there is no mention whether the product covers 64-bit versions, 128-bit versions or both which further adds to the confusion.

Online Feedback

Most online reviews for Registry Booster were positive with many of the complaints coming about the products lack of clarity. However, there was no mention of the product not being effective or not working at all.

Security Check Status

Registry Booster prides itself on safety. During our testing process this product did pass our security check status.

Money Back Guarantee

Registry Booster offers a 30-day money back guarantee. So, along with the low price, the product offers satisfaction as well.

Customer/Technical Support

Contacting Registry Booster is not all that easy. You can call an international number of attempt e-mails, but either way your correspondence goes to Malta.


In conclusion, Registry Booster is a product with a low price that is somewhat confusing. While the money back guarantee is nice to have, there is no telling how easy it would be to implement, especially seeing how hard it likely is to contact them.

Does it Really Work?

In the total of 0 user votes,0  user(s) recommanded RegistryBooster and 0 user(s) did not prefer RegistryBooster.


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