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XoftSpy SE Anti-Spyware

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XoftSpy SE Anti-Spyware is offered through its parent company Pareto Logic. The product is designed to scan and find any and all spyware programs that have been installed on your computer no matter where they may reside. This includes finding them in your computerís registry, files, or even running files.

Overall Rating

XoftSpy SE Anti-Spyware is a good product, but some of the information is hard to come by. Overall we rate this product a 3 out of 5.

Ease of Use

XoftSpy SE Anti-Spyware is easy enough to install and the scan that it conducts is free. Once the scan is complete and easy to understand report is given telling you the severity of what is found.


XoftSpy SE Anti-Spyware is a product that works as advertised. It functions by way of simple mouse clicks making the product a functional delight.


In a bit of confusion, the scan that the program delivers is free, however, if you plan on doing anything with what is found, that will cost you. The price is not that bad though at only $29.95, but finding the price did prove to be a challenge.

Supported Operating Systems

XoftSpy SE Anti-Spyware is designed for a wide variety of Windows operating systems. Included on their list is Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7 for both the 32-bit versions, 64-bit versions.

Online Feedback

The online feedback for this product was about as mixed as you could get. Many users praised the program for what it did and its ease of use, but many others did not like what they experienced. Chief complaints centered on the fact that price was not easily found and that customer support was also hard to come by.

Security Check Status

XoftSpy SE Anti-Spyware was in fact found safe to use. During our testing, the product did pass our security check status.

Money Back Guarantee

There is a 100% satisfaction guarantee mentioned, however there is no mention of how easy that guarantee is to have fulfilled. There is also no mention if the guarantee is for money back or just a new product.

Customer/Technical Support

There is customer support for XoftSpy SE Anti-Spyware, but it is tricky to use. You have to go through the parent companyís customer service department and that makes getting a hold of a knowledgeable rep a challenge to say the least.


In conclusion, XoftSpy SE Anti-Spyware is a product that works, but one that has a bit of confusion with it. While the reviews were neither conclusively bad or good, the one bright spot with the product is its ease of use.

Does it Really Work?

In the total of 0 user votes,0  user(s) recommanded XoftSpy SE Anti-Spyware and 0 user(s) did not prefer XoftSpy SE Anti-Spyware.


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