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(Anonymous user)
"works for me"
 25 February 2014
I have fix cleaner installed on my desk top computer, and it fixed all sorts of problems, it accidentally got deleted by my son, and I searched to find it again. because the co. had my information, they did not charge me for it again. So happy to have it back. Would highly recommend it to any one who is searching for a good program. Had horrible problems with McAfee, and Norton, never again. They almost ruined both of my computers.
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(Anonymous user)
"Fix It Cleaner"
 09 January 2014
I installed a trial copy of Fix It Cleaner and I decided I don't want it. I can not get it to uninstall. How do I get this out of my computer? Three boxes keep popping up asking me to buy this. Please instruct me on how to remove from my computer. Thank You, James Reid
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(Anonymous user)
"Usefull app, but costs too much."
 07 September 2013
I bought the app when I kept getting redistributable C++ errors on my PC after a clean windows 7 pro x64 on a new install. The errors began after I'd installed all the hundreds of windows updates & Office Pro. I spent hours trying to research fixes on the Microsoft site and via google searches and nothing worked. my apps crashed, my browser crashed, attempting to install apps crashed. I finally broke down & bought this tool out of desperation -- and damn, it worked!! Fixed all the errors and downloade driver updates all in about 20 minutes. It is a complicated piece of software, but I had great success using it to fix my crashing system.
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United States,GA
 10 December 2012
Do not download this product. It will not solve your problems and you will never see your money back
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(Anonymous user)
"Wasted money"
 03 December 2012
Program did not improve XP
startup as advertised. I requested a refund twice but all they offered were numerous tips (which I had already tried), but no response about a refund. I know the problem is somewhere within my own computer, but if their program doesn't help at all they should offer a refund. $34.95 wasted!!
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(Anonymous user)
 14 November 2012
I put it on 2 computers, one of them being less than a month old, and it made both of them SLOWER, not to mention on my main older computer it changed a bunch of settings and locked it so the only way to get things back was to run a system restore which took me 2 days to figure out how to do because it even messed with that! I have asked for my money back but have yet to recieve it, doubt I will, I'm pretty sure the whole thing is a scam.
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(Anonymous user)
" bad!!!"
 04 October 2012
I installed Fixcleaner last night because my computer was running sooo slow and AOL froze on a regular basis. After installing it my computer took much, much longer to boot up and many of my programs wouldn't load. They didn't respond to my emails so I had to use live chat and was advised to restore to a date before the installation which uninstalled the program. I have requested a refund so we will see how that goes, but my computer still does not work properly.
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Computer Novice
(Anonymous user)
"FixCleaner- Caused Blue Screen of Death"
 22 July 2012
I was relaoding a Windows XP Operating system and received an iexplore.exe error. I downloaded FixCleaner and ran the diagnostics, about 1 minute into the process my computer locked up and when I tried to reboot, I received the blue screen, I tried to start windows in normal mode, it didn't work, then I tried safe mode, it didn't work. Finally I tried last good start-up. This worked. I would not use this software.
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(Anonymous user)
"Severe Issues with FixCleaner"
 13 July 2012
I installed FixClreaner and used it for about 1 month. Seemed to work well until the 4th week when, after immediately running a FixCleaner Scan,I noticed that I could no longer open the pull down dialog for selecting file extentions to display in a Windows Explorer Diaglog. It would just flicker and then not display the available choices. I also started seeing my screen flicker for several seconds and then clear. Was occuring in every program I tried and on all three computers that I had FixCleaner installed on after running the scan that day. I reverted back to a good saved recovery point and then uninstalled FixCleaner. I have not had the issue recur since I uninstalled FixCleaner.
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(Anonymous user)
"perfect match for a novice"
 13 February 2012
For someone like me, who doesnít really understand computers, using a program like this is great. fixcleaner is really easy to install, and that for me is one of the hardest parts. After the installation, running the actual program was a breeze and its easy to follow the directions which made it a perfect match for a novice like me.
Under the surface it appears to also be a powerful program, because I have noticed a big difference in the performance of my computer. Donít hesitate on this one, it worked great!
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