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RegCure Pro

Very Good 4.44 out of 5
9 customer reviews  
(Anonymous user)
 19 March 2016
I had a problem with them at first, then they e-mailed me. Now works great!!!
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United States,California
"Works Perfect"
 29 January 2015
I have a laptop windows 7 home premiere 64 bit that was running terrible slow and pop ups were a big problem.
My Microsoft troubleshooter steered me to RegCure Pro.
The downloading was smooth and easy.
Ran ran the program, I had over 5000 register errors and RegCure Pro cleaned it up beautifully.
I would highly recommend this product.
I was considering purchasing a new laptop, but this product saved me some money.
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(Anonymous user)
"It fixed the problem"
 21 September 2014
I was working away and suddenly my computer would not access my Gmail. After a little research I purchased regcurepro. It took a while, but between the program and the very nice lady in tech support (who spoke clearly) the problem is fixed. Worth the coast. thanks.
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(Anonymous user)
"Well done and thankyou"
 22 May 2013
Very pleased with the way RegCure Pro technicians spent a lot of time remotely sorting out my laptop problems. Well done you!
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(Anonymous user)
"Thumbs Up"
 12 February 2012
I have used Regcure for about 3 years and found it a helpful tool to clean my registry and speed up my PC,for me it works well.
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(Anonymous user)
"worked like a charm"
 06 February 2012
A friend of mine who understands computers suggested I give regcure a try when I explained to him the issues I was having with start-up, programs crashing, etc. Luckily, it worked like a charm, and I have my computer back. The program identified several errors to fix the first go-round!
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(Anonymous user)
"very good support!"
 27 January 2012
The folks with regcure technical support helped me each step of the way and stayed on the line with me to make sure my computerís issues were fixed at 11pm at night.
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(Anonymous user)
"easy to work with their technical support"
 21 January 2012
lots of help from technical support in getting software to work very responsive and easy to work with. the software itself is average.
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(Anonymous user)
"regcure pro stopped the pop-ups"
 13 January 2012
Using my PC used to mean dealing with a barrage of steady pop-up errors. I donít know what any of them meant, but I do know it slowed my PC way down. After using the regcure pro product my PC runs error free and I enjoy my online time once more.
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In the total of 9 user votes,9  user(s) recommanded RegCure Pro and 0 user(s) did not prefer RegCure Pro.


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