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Terrible 1.43 out of 5
14 customer reviews  
(Anonymous user)
"Don't touch!"
 05 December 2013
I wish I had read the reviews before installing this software. It seemed really good at first but then I had a problem with my printer and, in trying to get over that ,had to restart the computer. Each time I restarted I cleaned it with RegCure not realising, of course, that it was cleaning up all sorts of important links along the way. To cut a long and time consuming story short, I twice lost all my documents AND programs and the computer is now in at a local repairers being salvaged. - well, I hope they can salvage it. It will be costing a minimum of 40 - 50 for the repairs. :-(. If only I had absolute proof it was down to RegCure.
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(Anonymous user)
 25 December 2012
This software is like a plague, it refuses to allow it to be uninstall. It holds the computer hostage. Very bad, and untrustworthy
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(Anonymous user)
 07 December 2012
Downloaded from the web, paid $39.95 and have had nothing but problems with it since. Had zero response from their "customer service" folks. Will not use anything from them again.
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(Anonymous user)
 27 November 2012
It did not help me at all. When I went to uninstall the programme whatever they told me to do I did, but everytime it took another amount from my account as if I was registering again.They have deducted $70 from my accoiunt for something that was to have only cost me $10.90.I have sent emails asking for the money to be replaced to my account but to no avail. The thing is I am new to the computer era. I didn't want this installed I was just browsing and followed the prompts and the next thing I knew money was going from my account. Who do I report this to for help
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(Anonymous user)
 22 November 2012
This is a scam. Don't install it, because it will then plant a virus
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(Anonymous user)
"Regwork more of a hassle than it's worth!"
 09 November 2012
I downloaded regwork before I became computer literate, and it is the worst thing I could have ever done!! It is constantly popping up on my computer now, and is impossible to get rid of.
A friend of mine is a computer programmer, and he could not even get it off. I believe we got rid of it for two days. It is the biggest mistake I could have ever made. I wish it would stay away. Instead of looking for problems, it is the problem!!! I give it an extremely poor rating.
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(Anonymous user)
 01 November 2012
It does'nt work and it behaves like a dangerous viris when you try to un install.Don't have anything to do with it[trust me].
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Ms. Shirley
(Anonymous user)
"No response to e-mail for help!"
 27 August 2012
The program kept asking for a "License Key" and when I followed the directions on-screen, I still could not access the portion to "fix" the errors. I finally located a screen where I could e-mail RegWork for help with a promise of a reply within 24 hrs. It's now well over 48 hrs and I have 4 charges on my bank statement after entering/re-entering information.
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(Anonymous user)
 31 July 2012
This program is just plain junk and messes with you computer to boot. Using the decline button for the extras offered when downloading means nothing; you will get some anyway. You may have to file a dispute with your credit card company to get your money back. You may have to reinstall your entire system to get rid of the program and the junk it brought along.
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(Anonymous user)
 24 June 2012
I have used Regworks for three years and have had no issues. I can tell when it runs out because my computer runs like crap. I just buy it again and back to normal. Love it.
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