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Poor 1.78 out of 5
9 customer reviews  
(Anonymous user)
 30 April 2013
I tried Regzooka free trial but after the scan i had lots of problems. Some programmes didn't work. I couldn't open jpegs etc. Had to reinstall and start from scratch.Awful experience.
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(Anonymous user)
"caused c0000034 error"
 25 November 2012
Caused problems so I uninstalled paid for copy of reg zooka. I'm left with c0000034 error I can not get rid of.
Pain in the neck, it is.d
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(Anonymous user)
"You get charged every month!!"
 26 September 2012
I bought Regzooka in July 2012 and thought that I was buying a piece of stand alone software. Wrong!!!! Zookaware have been taking money from my account every month since the purchase date. It is not clear (to me at least) that there was not only an up front purchase price but then also an on-going Licence fee. So BEWARE!!!!!!
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(Anonymous user)
"Works fine for me"
 26 May 2012
RegZooka keeps my PC clean and running smoothly. Sometimes it finds errors that it doesn't immediately clean but eventually they get cleaned out. The software has never failed to keep the harmful stuff out. I've used it for 2 years on 2 different PC's and I've never had any problems communicating with tech support. I recommend it.
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(Anonymous user)
 05 May 2012
To put it short, sweet and simple, Just trash it. Short comings, and they love to charge your account for services you did NOT request nor want.
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(Anonymous user)
"Doesn't Clean Errors it finds!"
 03 March 2012
I bought this online and I am surprised that it doesn't even clean all the errors it finds! It only clears a certain percentage, even when you run it again and again! As far as the advanced features go it is dreadful. It took ages to tell me there was a significant number of errors and when I hit fix it didn't fix any and didn't tell me why!
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Suckered in
(Anonymous user)
"Beware of the add-ons!"
 28 February 2012
I purchased RegZooka to address a corrupted registry on a laptop. The immediate problem was resolved; however, I was unknowingly signed up for Zookaware's other products. They send out e-mails informing you of the "free trial period" for the additional software and the need to formally opt out to avoid the monthly $9.95 fee. If your e-mail system flags their e-mails as spam, you'll never know about the "free trial" and you'll start getting recurring $9.95 charges to your credit card. If one doesn't carefully scrutinize credit card statements, these charges could go on AD INFINITUM. I would not recommend RegZooka or its companion products (CyberBackup and SpyZooka).
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(Anonymous user)
"RegZooka worked for me..."
 09 February 2012
Originally had RegCure on both a Laptop and Desktop unit running WinXP at the time, that was helpful in keeping system tidy, but on getting a new Laptop shifted to RegZooka and was really pleased with result. Desktop now on Win7 as well, plus converted to RegZooka. Easy to use and keeps things running smoothly! Support was great in refreshing license count when upgrading the desktop.
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(Anonymous user)
"No support at all"
 04 February 2012
The software seems to work, but if you have a problem, they will not respond. I had to reinstall my OS aweek after buying a one year subscription. I cannot use it as it says it was already installed on another computer. It is the same computer, just a reinstall of my OS. They do not respond to emails.
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