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Terms And Conditions

The following represents the terms and conditions of

Data Protection adheres to all the rules and regulations set forth by the Data Protection act of 1998. To view our Privacy Policy details in full, please read over our Privacy Policy page. Privacy is our number one concern so please be sure to read our document and feel free to email us at Contact us with any questions.

Conditions of Registration

By registering to be a full access user of you thereby agree to the terms and conditions that apply. reserves the right to modify or amend this document at anytime. Unless you notify us otherwise within 10 business days, it will be assumed that you agree to these changes.

Your registration will be password protected, though it will be your responsibility to protect this password and keep it private. Should you disclose this password to others, assumes no reasonability to any consequences of your actions.

By adhering to our terms and conditions you agree to only make changes to your profile. You may not make changes to any other user profile even if they give their consent.

Content Submission allows you to submit content in a number of ways including with your personal opinions.


All submissions done by you will not give up intellectual rights, however, you do grant royalty free world-wide licensing of said content. This thereby allows our website through other mediums to distribute as we see fit. Rights

We are entitled to publish, edit, or refuse any and all content submitted to us. No illegal content shall be permitted to be published. Should we decide not to publish your content you will be duly notified as to why. However, such actions can be taken without prior notice being given.


You are hereby restricted from submitting any of the following types of content; offensive, false, harmful, breech of intellectual property, and illegal. Any such submitted content will not be published and may be reported to the proper authorities.


You assume all responsibility in regards to the content submitted by you. takes no responsibility in assuring any of the content’s accuracy.

Use of Content

All content submitted by you is not to be reproduced or used anywhere else without’s express written consent. Any breech of this agreement may result in you paying for any and all third party claims.

Limitation of Liability does its best to assure total safety of all our users. However, in the event of a virus or other malware infecting your computer on or around the time of your use of our website, we claim no responsibility and cannot be held liable. You, as the user, agree that any conditions beyond our control are not subject to claim by you or any other third party.

Additional Terms and Conditions

Any promotional awards that provides to users is strictly for the use of our website. There is no cash value that can be tied to these awards and no awards are allowed to be sold or transferred.

All participants eligible for membership with must be 18 years of age or older. Any member found to be under the age of 18 shall have their account immediately terminated and have any and all comments taken down. We assume no responsibility for those who lie in an effort to gain membership and we do all we can to ensure no persons under the age of 18 can gain access to our membership services.

Member Responsibilities

All members of shall adhere to the rules and regulations set forth at all times. Any breech of this agreement can result in immediate account and comment deletion and may result in legal action being taken. Though we take all necessary precautions to ensure your privacy, it is your sole responsibility to keep your user name and password safe and secured at all times. You are also responsible for your content. Should you be found to violate any laws at any time your account is subject to immediate termination.

Terms and Conditions for User Reviews

The submitted review must be based on user’s own experience with software or the company and not based on any third party opinions.

  1. Every reviews submitted are manually reviewed.
  2. It may take minimum two business days to publish a submitted review.
  3. A valid email address must be submitted with the anonymous review.
  4. We may contact the reviewer to collect more information related to the submitted review if necessary.
  5. We may remove once published reviews if necessary.
Reviews can be edited if:

We may edit the reviews if it contains,

  1. Personal name, address or other personal details.
  2. Inappropriate language, words.
The exited text will be replaced by asterisk (*).

Reviews can be removed if:

The reviews will be removed on the following cases:

  1. The reviewer did not purchase the software from the company.
  2. Multiple reviews posted by the same user to the same software.
  3. Reviews from multiple profile created by the same user.
  4. Advertisements.
  5. Posting URL, Links as a process of link building.
  6. Inappropriate language, hate, abuse.
  7. If personal information is posted.
  8. SPAM content.
  9. If same content is posted on several website.
  10. Reviews with content belonging to third party will be deleted.
  11. A valid Email address must be submitted with the anonymous reviews.Reviews with invalid email address will be deleted.
Reviews CANNOT be removed on the basis of the following:

If the company and reviewer disagree about the course of the events, and fail to reach the solution.Since here are too many factors for us to be able to make that decision. The review will not be removed as far as the reviewer is is interested in a sober and impartial assessment of the companies.We are interested in an objective and serious assessment of the company that is being reviewed. To avoid "spam reviews" and to insure the trustworthiness of our reviews and the rating, every reviews are manually monitored and deleted if they violates the terms and actively monitors IP addresses and patterns in incoming data for possible abuse scenarios.

If you have any questions regarding your reviews, please contact us.

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